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U-Link, a sister company of SensorTec Group, is a leading Canadian global player in designing and bringing only the top technological innovative security surveillance systems to the world. The U-Link philosophy revolves around the ability to deeply understand the market needs on both a global and local level to drive practical, as well as relevant, innovative security solutions. This ranges from simple CCTV cameras, that connects consumers to their homes, to more complex and advanced AI systems that can be used across a wide spectrum of businesses for ultimate security.

Temperature measurement security gate (medical grade)

Make travel more assured !

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Temperature measurement security gate(medical grade)

Make travel more assured !

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Helmet Thermal Inspector

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Face Recognition Time Attendance

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Mini Smart Guard Camera

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Lamp Camera

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U-Link Advanced Features

360 Coverage

Thermal & Face Detection

Artificial Intelligence

Night Vision Recorder

Our Business Solutions

Fever Alarm, Metal Detection & Disinfection System

Face Recognition Time Attendance & Body Temperature Terminal

AI Fever Warning Systems – Professional

Life is a journey of discovery, while leadership is about the ability to be visionary, to define the path and pave the road ahead for others to excel and be their best. At U-Link, we believe in innovations with meaning, innovations that help humanity excel in the journey of life.
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Ensure Safety in Your Surroundings

U-Link smart home technology helps you monitor every inch of your house to ensure the safety of your beloved ones at anytime anywhere.

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Sustainability & Environmental issues at the back seat

While the world is tackling the greatest challenge paused by COVID-19, sustainability and environmental measures have taken a back seat, watching an auto reset of critical environmental topics that include issues like carbon emission. With COVID-19 situation, the world is witnessing a gradual reduction in environmental issues; however, soon they will come back to light and discussion, once the world succeeds passing COVID-19.

Family safety comes first

Not far away, families were not realizing the importance of watching over their properties and beloved ones; however, with the emerging of modern life, heavy travel and busy schedules, families and parents realized they spend long hours away from home. Historically, surveillance technology for home use would cost the individual arm and leg; however, with the increase of demand and utilization of cost effective production methods along with competition, today, fixing CCTV cameras in one’s house has become very affordable and the benefits are huge.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in securing crowded places

AI Technology Enhances Surveillance Practices to Make Our World a Safer Place

The advancement in AI technologies is to surveillance cameras what prescription glasses are to the short-sighted: it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. AI surveillance technology protects commercial and residential sites, critical infrastructure, and public spaces from security breaches and it does so in real-time. The technology is also used for access control at large events.