Non Contact Forehand Body Temperature Detector-UL-HT8B

Non Contact Forehand Body Temperature Detector-UL-HT8B

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The Non-Contact Forehand Body Temperature Detector utilizes a high-precision infrared temperature sensor to measure the body temperature by measuring the Forehand or wrist of the human body. The device is equipped with a dual sensor of distance and temperature. The non-contact temperature measurement method is adopted. Through the cross-temperature algorithm of distance sensor and temperature sensor, the human body can complete the temperature detection without touching the device.

It has high accuracy, the temperature measurement error is less than 0.2 oC, and the single temperature measurement speed is less than 0.5 seconds, which is very suitable for the rapid temperature measurement and lifting in the adult flow area or place, without the need of security or medical staff holding a temperature gun to measure temperature, effectively improving the temperature measurement efficiency, improving the passage rate, reducing the number of medical staff, reducing the cost of personnel, etc., which is more widely applicable than the temperature gun.

The Non-Contact Forehand Body Temperature Detector can be used as a single machine, or as a supporting device for face recognition access control machine, access gate, security door, etc. the device uses DC12V power supply, RS485 interface output, which can be very convenient access to various access control equipment, and output the detected body temperature data to various access control equipment. In addition, the short-range body temperature detector can also be equipped with various intelligent terminals to upload the temperature measurement data to the cloud platform (or other software platform) through the network to record the body temperature data for subsequent query.


1. The product consists of two parts: temperature measurement module and display screen.

2. The Non-Contact Forehand Body Temperature Detector adopts double sensors, laser distance sensor + infrared temperature sensor, and detects the human body temperature through the cross temperature measurement algorithm of temperature and distance.


Laser distance sensor, accurately judge hand distance, improve detection accuracy and efficiency


High precision temperature sensor Cross analysis wuth distance date (Proprietaty temperature measurement algorithm), accurate conversion of human body temperature by
hand temperature

3. The detection distance is about 2-8cm, without touching the equipment.


4. The temperature measurement speed is less than 0.5s.
5. After each temperature measurement, the buzzer will sound
a prompt sound.
6. The temperature measurement resolution of the equipment is 0.01 oC, and the temperature measurement error is ± 0.2 oC.
7. The equipment adopts double rotating bracket, which supports multi angle adjustment.The default alarm temperature of the device is 37.3 oC (99.14 oF), that is, if the detection temperature exceeds this temperature,
the device will send out the “drop…” alarm The sound is 5 seconds.

Installation mode can be wall mounted, placed on the desktop,
or fixed to the channel gate and security door, which is convenient and flexible, applicable to various scenarios.


Human Temp 30 °C- 45°C remote supervision to avoid cross infection
high labor costs reduce labor costs
low pass efficiency high pass efficiency
PROJECT/ PRODUCT Hand temperature
Use method Can be fixed on desktop, wall, gate, security gate,etc., temperature can be measured when hand reach out The temperature can only be measured by hand holding
Temperature sensor Medical grade Medical grade (part of them is quality products)
Temperature measurement error ±0.2 ± 0.2 (part of them is quality products)
Temperature measurement distance 2-8cm 1-3 cm
Temperature measurement speed Less than 0.5s 1-3s
Operation method No assistance Need to rely on others to hold and aim at the person’s head and other parts, pccupying human resources
Efficiency High efficiency Inefficient
User experience Excellent Poor
Abnormal alarm Yes, automatic alarm Needs manual observation
Data output It Can ouput and record data No data output


Temperature measurement mode Single point temperature measurement
Range detection Laser
Temperature measurement rate 0.5~0.8 sec
Maximum detection angle
Discrimination of temperature measurement 0.02oC
Accuracy ±0.2oC
Temperature measurement distance Distance between palm and equipment: 2-8cm
Buzzer Built in buzzer
Measurable temperature range -10oC~100oC
Optimum working environment temperature 15oC~40oC
Device interface Support RS485 output
Power supply voltage DC12V
Working current 0.2A
The power adapter Equipped with one AC220V to DC12 power adapter
Equipment dimethine 325*180*60mm
Package size (single set) 375*215*85mm
Weight (single set) 1.8kg

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