Social Distance Alarm System

  • Precise distance measurement (within 10cm)
  • Stable real-time monitoring
  • Proximity alert with both sound and vibration
  • Contact Tracing
  • Adjustable alarm distance
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System Advantages

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    10cm: Accurate real–time ranging
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    30h: Longer endurance
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    Alternative solutions: With/ Without gateway


With the spread of covid-19 around the world, almost all essential businesses are facing the significant challenge of maintaining social distancing in the workplace. Real time monitoring of the required distancing is difficult to observe in many facilities.


U-Link’s Social Distance Alarm System is based on Ultra-Wideband indoor ranging technology, through which the social distance range can be set in advance with a range measurement accuracy of 10cm.

In the facility, everyone should carry a ranging tag which can be a clip-on tag or a wristband. Our alarm system continuously monitors the actual distance between two tags. When the distance between two people is less than the approved parameter set in advance (e.g. 6 feet), the system will send an alarm signal: both sound and vibration. Individuals will then be able to instantly adjust their position to maintain a proper social distance.

The ranging tag will trigger alarm when distance is below 6ft (adjustable)

Each alarm event will be recorded remotely in the tag and uploaded to the server through a wireless gateway or by wired connection when the tag is connected.

Social Distancing tag:

Easy to place on helmet or belt
Ranging Error 10cm
Operating Temperature -20~60°C
Weather Proof IP67
Primary Working hours 12h (chargeable)
Enhanced Working hours 30h (chargeable)
Dimension 78x60x21mm/75g

Social Distancing Wristband:

Wear or wrist
Ranging Error 10cm
Operating Temperature -20~60°C
Weather Proof IP67
Primary Working hours 10h (chargeable)
Enhanced Working hours 30h (chargeable)
Dimension 52x52x20mm/85g

System Architecture:

First solution:

With gateway, real – time upload of contact data, wide coverage

Second solution:

Wired connection, low investment cost, 30000 contact data storage

Application industries

Building & Construction, Logistics & Warehousing, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Education.

Other applications information

The system can also ensure people’s safety if location tags are mounted on forklifts, moving vehicles or other dangerous objects.

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